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November 27, 2023

Student Spotlight: Dylan Geer ‘24 (Adolescence Education in Physics)

Introducing Dylan, a dedicated student driven by a love for physics and a heart set on teaching. Surrounded by amazing teachers growing up, he saw how teaching others could shape lives, sparking his own dream to do the same.

Dylan Geer Headshot

What inspired you to pursue a career in teaching, specifically as a physics teacher?

Growing up, I had some amazing teachers who, even after all these years, are still some of the most amazing people in my life. They taught me more than just the subjects – they taught me about life. 

My mother was a teacher, so I spent more time at school than my peers. Somedays I was at the school from seven in the morning to eight at night! With that much time, I got to know the teachers well, and I found some of the most caring and hard-working people you could find. I hoped one day I could be that to someone.

Dylan Geer looks into a Wimhurst machine

Dylan with a Wimshurst machine, an electrostatic generator

What’s something you’ve been learning lately that will help you in your career?

Everyone has their own perspective. To connect with someone personally, you need to be able to see their perspective and see the world through their eyes.

How has Roberts impacted your spiritual journey?

Even after growing up in the church and attending Christian school, I’ve learned so much about the Bible, God, and my own faith from the professors at Roberts. Not only specifically from the Bible and Theology professors but from everyone.

What course (so far) has been your favorite, and what do you love most about it?

I was the Teaching Assistant for the Physics Lab for all four years of undergrad. I thoroughly enjoyed just about every minute of it.

Working with the students and helping them understand concepts and seeing the look of understanding when they grasped it was really a highlight of my day and what drew me further towards teaching.

Dylan Geer juggles water bottles

Who is your favorite professor and what’s one way they’ve helped you?

Assistant Professor of Physics and Mathematics Dr. Susan Geer has helped me through my whole physics journey, even before college. 

Dr. Geer employed me in the Physics Labs as a Teaching Assistant and has guided me through the many decisions that need to be made throughout getting a bachelor’s in physics, and ultimately deciding to get my master’s in education. 

What is your favorite quote and why?

“Study the art of science and the science of art. Develop your senses, especially learn how to see, realize that everything connects to everything else.” -Leonardo da Vinci

This is one of my favorite quotes not only because Leonardo is one of my favorite people in history, being an artist, an inventor, a philosopher and more; but because I have found it to be quite relevant to my life and studies and more true the further I go through life.

Faculty Feedback

Megan Hoose headshot

“Dylan is a Renaissance man whose passions and curiosity have truly unique intersections.  I would not be surprised to see him on a WIRED or INSIDER special someday, demonstrating how he has woven together his love of antique collecting, circus paraphernalia, and physics to change the world.”

-Megan Hoose, Learning Specialist, REOP liaison, Adjunct Professor of Philosophy

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