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July 14, 2023

What’s It Like To Intern At Roberts?

Nate headshot

“Character education to me means teaching that it’s not just about ‘did you do well?’, but it’s also about ‘how did you get there?’”

Nate Magaw ‘25 (Marketing) is spending his summer interning with the Undergraduate Admissions team.

What does a day in the life of an Admissions intern look like? 

My days are pretty fluid. I typically start and/or end my day with a campus tour. Some days, like right after school let out, there can be two tours in one day. Those days can be intense, but I always find ways to make it work! 

When I’m not doing tours, I do scheduling work for upcoming visits. Additionally, I’ve started shadowing a few admissions counselors in some of their meetings, as well as helping send welcome mail to the incoming students.

I’ve done some work with the admissions Instagram as well, and that’s been a great way to unleash my creative side. I even get to make memes for the account, like the one below.

A 4 panel photo, the top left says

Getting to know the admissions team on a deeper level this summer has been great too.

What’s something families love hearing on tours? 

The adirondack chairs out around campus! I think it gives the campus more of a vibe, which they like.

Nate lounges in a gray adirondack chair on campus.

They like the small campus experience too. I feel like a lot of families are nervous about how their student will adjust to the transition and have more peace of mind in seeing how close-knit the Roberts community is. 

It’s also always entertaining to see how families react to the mannequins in our nursing labs! Sometimes they’re completely unphased by them, other times they feel like they’re in a haunted house. I will say that no two families ever react to them in the same way.

Nate working on the Student Association Leadership Team

What’s one thing about your internship you didn’t expect? 

I didn’t expect my schedule to be as fluid as it has been. I previously had an internship where my day had a bit more predictability to it, but there have been many ebbs and flows with the workload.

After school got out, initially I got a little overwhelmed by all that I had to do. It taught me how to prioritize certain things and adjust to a changing workload. 

I also have learned that working in admissions could be a first career step after I complete college. For example, attending meetings with admissions counselors, I’ve learned more about helping a potential incoming student based on their needs and wants. I love that part.

A group of 14 people, spanning in age, stand and smile.

Nate and the Undergraduate Admissions team

What are some of your favorite things about Roberts?

First, there’s ample opportunity as Roberts offers a lot of clubs and organizations. There’s a lot of opportunities to meet new people, like the Global Honors program and student life activities. It’s a really welcoming community. I’ve been able to make friends pretty easily.

My time here has been really tailored to me. Roberts really lets you make your college experience just that - your college experience.

5 young men wear suits and smile with their arms over each other's shoulders. Another young man poses in the background.Nate at the Winter Formal

What advice would you give someone looking for an internship?

I would say make connections wherever you are. 

I originally found out about working for the admissions team through my resident assistant as a freshman. Later that year, I got an email from the director asking if I’d like to work at New Student Registration day. That created an opportunity for me to apply to become a tour guide.  

I would also say keep an open mind. I had thought about doing a social media internship for some kind of business originally, but I couldn’t find something that worked for me. Even though that was disappointing at first, I found out I’m actually able to get some social media experience here in Admissions!

A slefie of a young woman and 3 young men in a store.

Nate and classmates

What does “character education” mean for you? How do you see that played out in classrooms and in your internship?

Character education to me means teaching that it’s not just about “did you do well?”, but it’s also about “how did you get there?” 

I think the business program does a great job at teaching this. In pretty much every class I’ve taken thus far, something comes up about ethics. 

In Accounting I last fall, we learned about certain internal controls that organizations have, like the separation of duties between the operations and accounting departments. 

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