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January 25, 2023

Unveiling Our Vision

Colleges and universities share messaging on similar topics such as experiences, student life, academics and more. However, what makes a school different is their unique contribution within higher education. On Monday Jan. 23, Dr. Deana Porterfield, President of Roberts Wesleyan University shared some news with the community about our future work. 

Building on the university’s 157-year history and motto of Education for Character, we are unveiling Roberts Wesleyan as New York’s leading university for character education

Beginning in April 2022, the University began a process clarifying our vision for the future and how to best share that with our audiences. Roberts’ new focus is part of Vision 2030 and the upcoming strategic plan. 

Given our deep roots in Christian faith, Roberts Wesleyan University is committed to:

  • Equipping students with the character and competence to lead in the midst of societal tensions and influence the most profound issues of our time.

  • Providing customized educational opportunities and immersion in career-enhancing practical experiences.

  • Preparing graduates who will possess the skills that lead to the flourishing of people and communities throughout the region, nation, and world. 

Watch the video from President Porterfield to learn more.



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