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August 4, 2022

Student Spotlight: Samuel Carducci’22 (Homeland Security and Applied Intelligence)

Bringing the “Real World” Into the Classroom


This week, we’re shining the spotlight on Samuel (Sam) Carducci, an impressive student using his research skills to implement restorative practices in the world of criminal justice.

His professor Cathy Buckert shares, “He is a testament to his faith, discipline, technical skills, and engaging personality.”

What do you see yourself doing as a career?

I’d like to work as either an intelligence analyst or someone who interacts more with the cyber aspects of intelligence, such as someone who examines phones, computers, and more.

Overall, I chose this field because I love helping people. Both of these help people stay safe and receive justice.

How will your Roberts education help you reach those goals?

I have been given opportunities to work with a variety of professors in “hands-on” learning, which is always better for me. Roberts showed me what it’s really like to work in this field.

I love all of my Homeland Security and Criminal Justice professors. They’ve all been in the field before, so they’re bringing their real-life experience as well as textbook knowledge.

They all want the best for their students and give us opportunities such as to practice using software we’d actually use in our careers.

Tell us about your two research projects!

My first project is working with the Reentry Association of Western New York (RAWNY).

Their mission is to improve the reentry process for individuals coming out of Criminal Justice Supervision in Monroe County.


RAWNY came to Roberts to research the reentry system. They want help securing a grant in order to become a central hub for individuals re-entering society.

I lead a team of 5 fellow students. Some of our activities on this project include…

  • Researching crime and recidivism (reoffense) rates in Monroe County
  • Working on survey instruments and analyzing the results
  • Planning a symposium

I helped Roberts host a symposium for this project. We were pleased to see staff from 30 community reentry organizations attend!

We met with RAWNY stakeholders to administer our surveys, one-on-one interviews, and group discussions. The small groups discussed their perfect vision of a central reentry hub.

Based on all of that and supplemented with work in the future, we have begun drafting a report.


My second project just started in March. Roberts is working with two schools in Buffalo that are part of Our Lady of Victory (OLV). We are doing research on restorative practices.

OLV offers education for those who have special needs, specifically those with serious emotional or behavioral challenges. Staff members are trained with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to work with children in crisis.

Both projects gave me an opportunity to put myself in a position to grow. They have taught me how to become a better leader in an educational setting.

Tell us about your internship!

I work with the Irondequoit Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Unit, which I started in January 2022.

They’ve given me opportunities to go on a ride-along, go to an autopsy, and more to come in the future.

I also got to learn how to use different programs. For example, I used a program called Offender Watch to update or capture information on sex offenders. I learned how to navigate a program called TRACS to access data about tickets and other statistical reports.

Tell us what you've been learning in the Cybercrime Investigations minor!

How to use different software such as ArcGIS, Autopsy, Electronic Evidence Examiner, and Cellebrite. I've earned certifications in Electronic Evidence Examiner!

We learn about metadata from phones and computers, emails, and even photos. We also had a project that looked into harddrives of “suspects” and was able to see everything from their emails, call logs, pictures, recycle bin, and the system itself.

Faculty Feedback

Cathy Buckert

"As a student and lead research assistant overseeing numerous restorative justice initiatives, Sam exemplifies the core values pivotal to a successful future. He has demonstrated unparalleled dedication, creativity, discipline, and technical skills in each research project while infusing a sense of humor and staying true to his Christian values. Sam’s perspective on life and his approachable demeanor undoubtedly make him a role model for all students to emulate."

-Cathy Buckert, Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice


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