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July 21, 2022

Student Spotlight: Matthew Cole’23 (Mathematics, Music)

“Roberts has allowed me to pursue both of my passions as my two majors!”

Matthew Cole

This week, we’re shining the spotlight on Matthew Cole, a student who is striking “a healthy balance” between math and music. He is proud to share the support he has received from Roberts helped him pass two important industry exams on the first try.

What do you see yourself doing as a career?

At the moment, my main goal is to obtain a PhD in either mathematics or statistics in hopes of teaching at a university. I will also maintain my passion for music by performing and teaching on the side.

I am still deciding between this and becoming an actuary for an insurance company. To me, this is a perfect blend of applied mathematics and finance.

Matthew Cole

What is the best thing about studying your major?

Roberts has allowed me to pursue both of my passions as my two majors. I am able to challenge my brain with upper-level math classes while expressing myself through music, and Roberts has allowed me to balance these in a healthy way.

The relatively small classes, in addition to supportive professors and intellectually challenging material, have allowed me to receive a highly personalized education in both math and music.

I am endlessly grateful for the ways in which Roberts has helped me pursue my career goals. The support from my professors helped me pass the first two exams from the Society of Actuaries on the first try!

How do you serve others?

The primary way I serve others is through tutoring. I am a paid tutor on campus for 18 classes, which include math, music, and writing courses. I enjoy tutoring because it allows me to see progress in the students with whom I work, and I get to practice for one of my dream jobs while getting paid!

What advice would you give to incoming freshmen?

I would highly recommend going out of your comfort zone and meeting as many people as possible. As an introvert myself, I was scared to meet new people, but my closest friends and the people with whom I love came into my life as a result of me going out of my comfort zone the first week of school.

Faculty Feedback

Gary Raduns

"Matthew continues to impress me as he learns with apparent ease. He has independently studied for and passed two exams in the sequence leading to associateship in the Society of Actuaries—one of these prior to taking the related course. The Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics department takes great delight in who he is, all that he has accomplished and all that lies ahead for him."

-Gary Raduns, Professor of Mathematical Sciences; Chair, Department of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics; Chair, Faculty Senate

Paul Shewan

"It is obvious to anyone who knows Matthew that he is an intelligent, talented, and hardworking student. His merit, however, goes far beyond those fine attributes. Although Matthew is a fantastic and highly accomplished musician, he does not seek recognition when playing his clarinet. He knows his talent is God-given and he lives that out in a humble manner while encouraging those around him. He consistently performs at a professional level and in doing so, elevates the playing level of those around him. I am excited to see where God leads him."

-Paul Shewan, Interim Chair, Instrumental Studies, Trumpet, Conducting


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