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April 7, 2022

President Porterfield’s Notes & News | April 2022

A Path to Impact

President Deana L Porterfield

Greetings from the campus of Roberts Wesleyan College! We are enjoying the arrival of spring, our engaged campus community, and a strong finish for the spring semester. It is so energizing to be surrounded by growth and the visual reminders of new life - signs of a fresh path forward!  The theme for our recent One Day of Giving builds on this: “Roberts can be your path to make an impact.” I’m grateful and humbled by that simple (but not always easy) connection between the work we do and the implications for new beginnings in our world. At Roberts, our path for impact includes:

  • Academic growth and life-long learning
  • Educational access for students in need
  • Spiritual growth and transformation
  • Love-driven justice and diversity
  • Mental health and wellness support
  • Excellence in athletics
  • Commitment to community engagement

Imagine what kinds of changes can happen when students of all ages, who have experienced a transformative educational experience, enter the workforce and engage in the issues that divide our culture today! As a result of the opportunities provided to them, our graduates will be characterized by thoughtful engagement, spiritual maturity and a commitment to service. They will touch lives in a way that benefits others and has a positive influence on their neighborhoods, workplaces, families and churches. They will make a difference!

I am confident this is true because I see it happening regularly on our campus and in the lives of our alumni. The stories we share are highlights and examples of the path Roberts is continuing to build for our students, alumni and community. It is in this path that transformation takes place, providing a compelling reason to keep moving forward in prayer and work.

With Hope and Optimism,

Dr. Deana L. Porterfield

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