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January 11, 2022

President Porterfield Gives First Hard Hat Tour of the Golisano Community Engagement Center

GCEC Hard Hat Tour

Would you like a sneak peek of the Golisano Community Engagement Center? Watch this video tour of the incredible space this will provide for our campus and the wider Rochester community. For more than a century, our alumni and students have needed and begged for space to gather, to learn, to eat, and to pray. The Golisano Community Engage Center is more than that - it is also the front-door to our campus for the Rochester and Monroe County business and greater community. That’s why we say this project is right for Roberts and right for Rochester.

Some highlights of the new building:

  • Arches: We intentionally included arches in the architecture as an echo of our iconic Roberts Wesleyan College Arch, which symbolizes both a point of entrance and a gateway from here to the world
  • Event Space: Three event rooms will offer space for training as groups gather and learn, fostering a great community connection
  • Student Support Offices: Spiritual Life with our Chaplin’s office and our multicultural suite including the Office of Diversity and Equity that will serve our students and those who are here for training experiences with the Community Institutes
  • Prayer Chapel: Designed with seating around the outside of the chapel for all to come for prayer and reflection
  • Community Institutes and Career Center: Where we will continue to launch opportunities for continued education and development and our students will have a direct on-ramp to the businesses that come in our doorstep
  • Cafe: Provides the opportunity to get a bite to eat and gather as a community

As we start 2022, it's exciting to envision a facility that will develop and serve the workforce in the Greater Rochester Area as well as our community of students, faculty, and staff here on campus. We invite you to join us as investors in this project in order to launch an exciting new chapter on the campus of Roberts Wesleyan College.

Watch the tour.

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