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October 7, 2021

Alumni Spotlight: Corey Hepburn'14, '12

Leading in Education For Discovery and Growth

Corey Hepburn

Corey Hepburn'14, '12 (Master of Education in Special Education, Pathway to Teaching) is a principal in the Rochester City School District at Clara Barton School No. 2. What stands out about Hepburn is that he leads through the lens of his experiences as a student in the Rochester city schools and as a new principal taking on new challenges. True to the Roberts motto "Education for Character," Hepburn strives to share successful outcomes of current students. As a leader in education, he has a passion for helping students reach their potential.

“People don't know the great things that are happening because they only get one story,” he said. “ And today we're talking about the other side. The positive, the great, the educators that are committed, that are going beyond.”

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