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September 27, 2021

Dr. Moore's Play Performed at Rochester Fringe Festival

The 10th Annual Rochester Fringe Festival, held September 14-25, 2021, featured an original short comedy play written by Dr. Matthew Moore, associate professor of humanities who is also a semi-professional humorist and playwright.

Campus Wellness Week

William Shakespeare's Sharknado is an original tour-de-farce parody of the campy modern classic of pulp cinema, Sharknado, but written in the style of William Shakespeare. Appealing to fans of the Bard and fans of really bad movies (not to mention fans of natural disasters involving airborne sharks), this play was performed live via Zoom for paying Fringe audiences.

Previously, Moore was a professional political cartoonist and had cartoons  published weekly for six years. He has also written 12 plays, some of which have been fully produced for the stage.

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