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September 9, 2021

Tips to Finding Your People at Roberts | Fall 2021

Students Under Arch

“How do I find my people, my tribe?” This is a question asked by every student at some point in their college career. You may be a new student at Roberts, or you may have found your people as a freshman, but came back as a sophomore (or junior or senior) and your friends have graduated, transferred to another school or just changed and now, you no longer relate to each other. Or, you may be a new freshman or transfer, looking around wondering, “Where are my people and how do I find them?” You will know them as they will be the people who feed your soul and you will feel good after spending time with them.

Here are a few tips for making friends and finding your tribe here at Roberts:

  1. Get involved!

You can find an organization or club you are interested in joining or many other activities to attend to get involved at Roberts. For student activities, visit And check out the calendar for all the up-to-date events happening on campus:

  1. Be Self-Aware. 

Sometimes your daily habits can be self-sabotaging and it’s important to track and evaluate those behaviors to see if there is anything to change in your daily interactions or routines. Given the pandemic, you are wearing your mask on campus, so others can't see your face as well. One idea is to wear some fun masks and engage with others along the way. Be more mindful when walking to class - are you always looking at your phone or have your headphones on? Or when you are sitting in class, do you try and talk with others around you or do you sit in the back and not interact with others? Small changes and tweaks in your daily interactions can make a big difference. You never know, new potential friends could be sitting right next to you in class or walking past you on the walkway.

  1. Attend your classes.

This may seem obvious, but it’s true! Classes are a great place to meet friends or new potential study buddies that could turn into study partners and even life-long friends. Use the chat if you feel you can't get a word in edgewise to mix up the way you connect in class. For example, attend the Tips 4 Success Workshop Series.

  1. Put yourself out there.

Don’t be afraid. Attend those events. Say “Hi" and introduce yourself to new people! Ask someone to hang out. They may say yes or they may say no, but you never know until you try. Embrace the people and opportunities around you. And, remember to be you and stay positive. Just say “yes” to something new such as joining a new club or activity.

  1. Be patient and know you are not alone.

The semester is in its first few weeks, so its normal to have times when you feel lonely and overwhelmed and isolated. It can take time. Be patient with yourself. You are not alone! You may think you are the only one looking for your people, but just remember, many others around you feel the same, even if you can’t tell from the outside -- or their carefully curated social media posts.

  1. Reach out. Talk to someone.

There are so many people on campus that would love to be there for you and have been in your shoes before! Reach out to a trusted faculty member, your Redhawk Guide, Resident Director (RD) or Resident Advisor (RA), or the Counseling Center on campus (, or the Office of Student Success (

So, there are your tips to finding your tribe. Here's to seeking out new opportunities and making changes this semester to connect with others. Remember, you can change the tribe and the tribe can change you.

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