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July 19, 2021

Alumni Spotlight: Ruth Pappas ’40 Roberts' Oldest Known Alum Celebrates 102 Years!

Ruth Pappas

Ruth has the distinction of being the oldest known Roberts alum. She’s in great health (especially for being 102-years old) and still gets around unassisted. Her doctors are amazed, even more so because her only medication is a vitamin pill.

Her memories of Roberts include fun times with her roommate, working in the laundry to help pay for school, wonderful friends like Jean Parmerter Adams Morton, living in Carpenter Hall, and President Paul Adams who was a great piano player and would often play so all could sing together.

Ruth lives in Arizona with her purebred rescue dog Teddy (a chihuahua and pug mix). She’s active in her church and stays connected with family who get to enjoy her homemade pies and cookies. Congratulations, Ruth!

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