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June 15, 2021

Restorative Justice Initiative: Roberts Partnering with Fairport Police Department

Glenn Grana

The Criminal Justice program at Roberts Wesleyan College has been analyzing two years of Fairport village police reports. Roberts professors oversee the students doing the research, which also provides real-world learning experiences.

“We broke reports down with variables like demographics, gender, arrest, mental health, what was the incident, was it criminal in nature, was it domestic,” said Glenn Grana Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice. According to Professor Grana, after students look at data, they determined restorative tools – like social workers – would’ve been extremely beneficial for offenders in years past. After reviewing the analysis, they see a strong need to inject this restorative justice ideology.

This work is part of an ongoing effort that started in March 2021. The effort looks to find multiple areas where restorative practices can be infused into the system.

Glenn Grana is a retired Police Officer/Narcotics Investigator with an extensive background in criminal and narcotic investigations, as well as crime analysis. 

Online story: Village of Fairport: police reform plan ‘proven to be very successful’

Broadcast Clip: 5:30 PM

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