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May 28, 2021

Undergraduate Business Students Recognized at Annual Knighting Ceremony

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2021 marks the 18th year for the annual Awards and Knighting Ceremony to recognize undergraduate business students. This year, we celebrated 13 years of partnership with Reliant Community Federal Credit Union, which sponsors the event and awards.

This year's award recipients are as follows:

Academic Excellence - Benjamin Deacon'21
Presented to the student with the highest GPA in the undergraduate business program.

Hope & Courage - Bijisha Shrestha'21
Traits: Confidence, Vision, Risk-Taking, Character
Demonstrating a willingness to face the unknown and attempt something difficult with personal resolve and faith in God's promises.

Integrity - Benjamin Deacon'21
Traits: Righteousness, Discernment, Moral & Ethical Standards, Personal Fortitude
Demonstrating discernment to know good from evil, wisdom that chooses righteousness, and firm conviction that aligns actions with professed beliefs.

Personal Excellence - Harmeet Luthra'21
Traits: Academic & Personal Fortitude, Perseverance, Entrepreneurship
Demonstrating a conscious awareness of God's presence in her/his life and a desire to please Him only.  Demonstrating a willingness to rise to difficult challenges, risking defeat for the possibility of personal development and the realization of personal excellence.

Servant Leadership - Olivia Wehle'21
Traits: Community-Mindedness, Service, Selflessness
Demonstrating the personal security and humility to be selfless, sacrificing for the benefit of others; Demonstrating the highest ability to lead by example, serving others with kindness, justice, and righteousness.

Scholar-Athlete - Anna Vorderbrueggen'21
Participating in a minimum of 2 years of Varsity Athletics while maintaining a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Outstanding Business Student - Brittany Szarowicz'21
Demonstrating the personal traits of all four categories while also developing meaningful relationships with students, faculty, and staff and maintaining academic excellence."

This is the 7th year for the Business Ethics Scholarships. A total of $7,000 was awarded.

Ethics Scholarships Winners:
Marc-Anthony Blackburn, Mateus Moura, Noriah Parris and Justine Sharda.

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