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May 18, 2020

Strengths in Crisis

Kimberley A. Wiedefeld, MA E.I.D. Vice President for Enrollment Management at Roberts Wesleyan College, was recently interviewed by Isogo's Becky Hammond who is the founder of Growth & Success Maven.

At this unprecedented time, anyone attending a college or university has had their lives uprooted. What might not be visible is the support for students from the college. It is a tough challenge and one that leaders will rely on their strengths for in a way like never before.

In this Isogo interview, Wiedefeld shares what those first few weeks were like under the immense pressure of uncertainty and navigating uncharted waters, all while working from a new home office whose french doors open to a family of young kids waiting for her to come out. We can get through this together!

Listen to the interview.

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