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March 29, 2024

An Easter Message from President Hayles

An image of a sunset with a cross in the foreground. There are white words overlayed - He Is Risen.

God so loved the world …John 3:16

Imagine a love so strong, that it can dissolve a wall of hostility. So pure that it can forgive the betrayal of a close friend, and the vicious attacks of a sworn enemy. So wide that it includes everyone - all the people in the world. That kind of love is high and holy, yet willing to dive into the deepest pit of evil. That kind of love gives away all it has, all for the sake of others.

During the Easter season we are reminded of the greatest love story ever told, the story of God, who is love, pouring out himself in love for his own people, and to people who were his sworn enemies. Jesus’ teachings about the Kingdom of God and the love of God were physically demonstrated in his own life, especially during his last days until his death. But his best and most profound lesson came on the third day, when he rose from the dead. The Resurrection physically demonstrates the victory of the love of God.

This Easter, let’s remember, let’s celebrate and let’s embody that kind of love to our family and friends, to our sworn enemies, and to everyone in our world. In and through Jesus, our Living Lord, we can love like God, and know life that is truly life.

President Rupert A. Hayles Jr., Ph.D.

The 4 Hayles family members - Maryann, Savannah, Stephen, and Dr. Rupert A. Hayles Jr. - stand and smile behind bags they gave out for Easter.

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