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September 20, 2023

Student Spotlight: Anaya Baptiste ‘24 (Music Therapy)

Anaya stands and smiles with her eyes closed while holding a flute against her shoulder.

What drew you to Roberts?

The close-knit community really drew me to Roberts. 

During middle and high school, I went to the Roberts Community Music School. I took lessons each week and performed in a concert every semester with the rest of the students, so I felt comfortable being around Cox Hall, and Roberts in general. 

I also do well in smaller environments where everyone gets to know one another, so seeing the camaraderie among students as a high schooler really increased my curiosity. Once I went on a tour and met a few students and faculty members, it was pretty much settled!

A selfie of Anaya.

How has studying at Roberts helped you grow in character?

Studying at Roberts has really brought me out of my shell. I am a shy person, so it was hard at first to put myself out there—especially when my first semester was during the pandemic! 

But thanks to the support and plenty of campus activities, I was able to get to know my classmates. Many of them are people I know I will be friends with for a long time. 

Roberts also helped me realize my strengths. I realized that I am much more capable than what I originally thought. I learned to balance my school, work, clubs, and social life. My classes and campus experiences encouraged me towards further introspection of who I am and how to work with my strengths.

Anaya stands on steps and smiles slighlty.

What is the best thing about studying your major?

The best thing about studying music therapy is simply how fun it is! 

Our program has grown so much since I first came to Roberts, so being able to share that experience with other students brings me joy. Whether we’re feeling introspective, lighthearted, educational and informative, or downright silly, I love these people.

There is always a chance to try out something new and learn from one another in classes like Practicum and Class Improvisation. I always leave a music therapy class with something new to apply to my future career or my life in general.

Megan Resig Headshot.

Who is your favorite professor and what’s one way they’ve helped you?

Professor Megan Resig has always helped me on my college journey. She’s part of the reason my love of Music Therapy has grown!

Professor Resig is an empathetic listener who always has time for students. During a personal dilemma, I decided to approach her to ask her for input. It felt good to be heard and acknowledged. 

She opened up the door for me to join the Music Therapy New York State Task Force as the undergraduate representative. The task force works toward music therapy licensure, which also brought me into a mentorship that greatly enhanced my knowledge of the field.

Anaya smiles in a selife while in front of some flowers.

What academic or professional accomplishments are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of being able to lead the Music Therapy Club as their president. We raised over $600 during the 2022-2023 school year! It wouldn’t have been possible without such a great cabinet, and I am looking forward to all of the educational opportunities for music therapy majors. 

I also am proud of serving on the Mid-Atlantic Regional Association for Music Therapy Students from Spring 2022-2023 as the secretary. Both of these roles bring excitement for when I enter the professional world!

One of my favorite non-music therapy accomplishments is directing a summer STEM camp for kids in 1st-6th grade. I have a personal connection with the camp, so I am delighted every year to be a part of it.

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