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May 11, 2022

Student Spotlight: Silvia Peiro’23 (Physics, Mathematics)

Understanding the Cosmos

Silvia Peiro

Silvia Peiro has one goal: understand the universe in order to improve the future. This international student traveled all the way from Valencia, Spain to pursue her love of science. She shares, “People in Spain are usually nice, but in Rochester, they take it to another level.”

What is the best thing about studying your major?

You get to understand how the world works at its most fundamental level.

I’m learning how math serves as the “code” in which the universe is written. I find the laws of nature incredibly fascinating, especially the ones we don’t entirely understand.

Unveiling the mysteries of the universe would be the ultimate riddle to solve and I think that journey would be amazing to pursue.


What are your career plans after graduation?

I plan on working at a research or technology organization to gain experience. I may get a doctorate in Physics, probably related to quantum gravity, high-energy physics, nuclear physics, or cosmology.

Understanding how space, time, energy, and matter work could allow us to create technology to improve the future. I have always had lots of questions about the universe and I’m looking for answers. I’m honestly having a lot of fun studying these topics.

What course (so far) has been your favorite and why?

Modern Physics, taught by Dr. Candice Fazar. It was a very fun course to take because it touched topics that are quite bizarre and challenging, such as quantum mechanics and relativity. I really enjoyed that course.

How do you aspire to serve others?

Silvia Peiro

I want to use my knowledge to make discoveries or build technology that will change the world for the better. By understanding the principles that rule nature, I hope to be able to simplify our understanding of the universe and make advances in the energy, transportation, and machine learning fields.

I also love teaching other people and I’m always willing to help someone understand a scientific concept. Trying to alter an explanation of the same idea for different people helps me to understand it better myself, as each person might need different approaches and examples to understand it. Making science more interesting and fun to learn will always benefit society.

Spain Flag

What’s it like being an international student?

It’s great! Even though there are clear cultural differences among us, people are usually very welcoming and helpful. People in Spain are usually nice, but in Rochester, they take it to another level.

Something that I find very funny is how my friends constantly tease me because I wear winter coats when they are still wearing summer clothes. They are the crazy ones for wearing shorts at 50 degrees…That's freezing!

Faculty Feedback

Candice Fazer

"Silvia is a bright, creative, laid-back, and multi-talented individual with a genuine love of learning. In my time as her advisor and professor, I have seen her successfully approach difficult tasks with diligence and confidence. She brilliantly uses her love of scientific humor to lift the spirits of those around her. Silvia is an absolute joy to have in the classroom and I am proud to be part of her academic journey."

-Candice Fazar, Associate Professor of Physics


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