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January 10, 2022

Take Advantage of Training to Impact 2022 from The Business Solutions Institute

Business Solutions Institute

The Business Solutions Institute at Roberts Wesleyan College focuses on training that applies to businesses and organizations. Here are a few new offerings for 2022 to take advantage of:

Work Better Together!

Save 50% on our upcoming live online class, "The Enneagram at Work'' by using the code CHRISTMASRWC by Monday, January 10. Learn how different personalities impact our working relationships. This course includes our "Know Your Number" Enneagram Intro course for FREE! Class begins next week, so register today!

SHRM Certification

Looking to increase your HR knowledge or add a professional credential to your resume? Join us for 14 weeks of training leading to a SHRM certification! Completing the program benefits both you and your organization by increasing your HR knowledge and competency, improving your efficiency, and developing your job skills. Register here.

Dr. Joel Hoomans invites you to become a great leader!

Improving your soft skills increases revenue, promotes teamwork, and elevates your customer service. Gain core competencies to help you lead with humility, humanity, and transparency. Develop a toolbox of soft skills in this 6-week, live online course starting in February. Use coupon code NEWYEARNEWME by Jan 10 to save 30%. Register here.

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