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January 26, 2021

Alumni Spotlight: Nicholas Grunert'17 (Management and Social Entrepreneurship)

Nic Grunert'17 was a guest on Freedom Biz Now, hosted by Mark Washo, Founding Partner of Freedom Sports & Entertainment, LLC. He shared his story of coming to Rochester and Roberts Wesleyan College and how he started with Fuego Coffee Roasters.

Grunert, the Operations Manager, shared how Fuego got creative during the pandemic. When physical distance became paramount, Grunert's idea was to get online as quickly as possible to create more revenue streams. "It's been hard, but ultimately we will be a better business." Listen to his thoughts on asking an entrepreneur "why" so they can show you how excited they are about an idea.

At Roberts Wesleyan College, he is an Enrollment Counselor who encourages adults to get a graduate degree. "Education is the best gift you can ever buy yourself," he said. As an enrollment counselor, he remained steadfast throughout the pandemic, shifting from in-person to virtual meetings and events. As a team, they have quickly pivoted to share information about the Business programs at Roberts to prospective students.

Nic is also the assistant coach for the Redhawk Swimming & Diving program. He speaks about one of his "why's" in being a volunteer coach at Roberts and seeing the Swimming program come to fruition. Grunert loves a challenge and getting creative to achieve more! Listen to Nic's insights on entrepreneurship and more in this segment.

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