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October 19, 2020

Combining Faith and Numbers: Roberts Wesleyan College Offers New Bachelor’s in Accounting and 4+1 Program

Roberts Wesleyan College is pleased to announce two new programs in its School of Business: a Bachelor of Science in accounting and 4+1 program with the Master of Science in strategic leadership program, effective fall 2020. Both are registered professional programs under the New York State Education Department and CPA licensure qualifying (150 credit hours).

“Roberts’ accounting education is not just transactional — it is transformational,” said Dr. Daniel Barlow, accounting and business law professor at Roberts and local town court judge. “An education at Roberts is extraordinary. I’ve been part of several higher education institutions, and what we have at Roberts is different. It’s special. Our accounting programs are growing. Our students graduate with incredible careers. We support them throughout their educational journey at Roberts and beyond. We’re committed to that at Roberts Wesleyan’s School of Business.”

Both programs at Roberts Wesleyan College will help students and graduates capitalize on Biblical principles and a Christian worldview, put character development in context and integrate liberal learning with professional study in accounting, including business, financial, system, data and more. These accounting programs at Roberts are unique: The faith and learning integrative experience in a Christian college helps prepare thoughtful, spiritually mature and service-oriented people for society and organizations.

“We have a balanced method behind the balance sheet,” said Dr. Michael Chen, associate professor of accounting with rich experience from “Big 4” and applied research. “We mix faith, virtues, liberal arts, business, accounting, system and data together to make a ‘whole person’ as the trusted business adviser for the organization society.”

Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to enter a variety of business roles and for career advancement for future leadership, including:

  • Professional services (assurance/tax/advisory) in global or regional firms
  • Financial planning and analysis, project management with analytics skills, business analysis for solution development and implementation, internal auditing (business/IT), fraud investigation, regulatory specialization in private sectors (for-profit or nonprofit)
  • Integrated management in small and medium business
  • Investigation in various federal agencies, such as the FBI, IRS, Treasury Department, Securities & Exchange Commission, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, Tax & Trade Bureau, General Accounting Office and various accounting/auditing offices at the state and local levels 
  • Financial and investigative journalism in various media

The college is accepting applications from prospective students for the spring 2021 and summer 2021 semesters. Financial aid will be available. The School of Business will also host a virtual discovery day on Friday, October 30 for prospective students and their families to learn more about the college and offerings within the School of Business. To register for the virtual discovery day, click here.  For more information about the program or to apply, click here.

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