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November 27, 2017

Student Spotlight: Malik Dare– Senior ‘18

Receiving awards is an honor for any student; can you share how it felt to receive the Rochester Area Business Ethics Scholarship?

I felt very privileged and honored to be awarded the Business Ethics Scholarship from the Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation. As a recipient of the scholarship, I believe that it is important that I always try to do the right thing in life regardless of the circumstance or environment. This principal is especially important in a business environment where leaders are constantly confronted with ethical challenges and moral dilemmas. As a business student at Roberts, I am continually reminded of the importance of integrity and trust, and doing the right thing in the business world. As a result of participating the event, I was able to meet and network with prominent local business people. I felt honored that President Porterfield, Coach McCoy, Professor Carrie Starr, Denis Johnson, Kathleen Raniewicz and Lisa Tiffin from the College came to the event to celebrate and share in the experience with me. I also felt a deep sense of accomplishment and gratitude as recipient of the scholarship and being recognized by the foundation for this achievement. It also felt good to receive the many compliments and congratulations from family members, faculty, staff and fellow students.

What stands out from your experience here at Roberts?

The small and personal nature of the Roberts community provides students, staff and professors with opportunities to get to know each other. Many of the professors take time to build personal relationships with their students. These relationships go beyond the classroom and translate into positive interactions that support a student’s academic growth and personal development. If I had gone to a larger college, I don’t think I would have the same opportunities to get to know staff and faculty beyond their names and titles. At Roberts, the professors get to know you not just as a student but also as a person.

What is the best thing about studying Business Administration?

I have learned a lot about the skills and knowledge required to be successful in business. I have also learned the importance of working with different people, what it means to own a business, and the challenges and opportunities that come with owning and managing a business. The Business Administration program courses and internships have also provided me with a better understanding of what it takes to be a leader and entrepreneur in a highly competitive global and technological society.

What is your Dream Job? How is Roberts helping achieve this?

My dream job is to be the CEO of my own business. One of the goals of the business would be to provide educational and career opportunities for children and families who are less fortunate. My educational experience at Roberts has provided me with many opportunities to learn best practices in business, sound ethical and moral principles, and the importance of serving others.

What is your favorite course here at Roberts?

I’ve had a number of great courses at Roberts. If I had to name only one favorite course, it would be the Leadership Challenge taught by Professor Carrie Starr. Professor Starr’s approach was challenging, stimulating and thought provoking. She reinforced the importance of ethical leadership, team building, integrity, trust and service.

What is your favorite thing about being on the basketball team at Roberts?

The relationships that I have developed with some of my basketball team-mates means everything to me. We can talk about “anything and everything” and I trust them. I know they are lifelong friends – which is important now but will also be critical later in life. I am still close, and stay in contact, with many of my former team-mates who have graduated. These types of relationships are invaluable in my life- having close friends that you can count on is an awesome feeling.

Where are you from (hometown)?

Albany, New York

Who is your biggest role model at Roberts?

I consider Herb Alexander ‘15, Assistant Basketball Coach, as my biggest role model at Roberts. I look up to him because of his knowledge, hard work and dedication as a coach, and his efforts on campus to improve cultural diversity. Mr. Alexander has integrity, treats people with respect and acknowledges their efforts, and always puts everyone else before himself.

Who is your favorite sports team and athlete?

My favorite sports team is the New England Patriots. My favorite athlete of all-time is basketball great, Kobe Bryant.

What is your favorite ice cream?

Chocolate is my go-to flavor! Everyone loves this classic, right?

Faculty Feedback:

Ervin Starr, Ph.D., Professor of Management;
Director, Undergraduate Business Program

“Malik is an exceptional young man with a tremendous work ethic and a deep sense of humility. Malik's character and commitment are exhibited in his work in the classroom and on the court. He has recently completed a challenging internship with the SUNY Foundation and has faithfully served our Rochester community through involvement with our Enactus program. Malik represents the core values of the Undergraduate Business Program and Roberts Wesleyan College well, including being recognized by the Rochester business community for his ethical behavior.”

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