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November 14, 2016

Leadership Breakfast with Tom Golisano a Great Success!

On Friday, October 14, 2016, Roberts Wesleyan College was blessed to host Tom Golisano for our Leadership Breakfast. Nearly 800 people attended and were rewarded with Tom’s affable personality and humor as he told the story of how he founded and grew one of Rochester’s gems, Paychex, Inc.


Tom shared about the obstacles and plateaus he faced and shared how he overcame each one to grow Paychex into the company it is today – a company that employs over 13,500 people (over 4,000 in Rochester alone), has revenue of $3 billion and is the second largest payroll company in America.

After Tom spoke, he answered questions from Roberts Wesleyan College Business students. This dynamic session was the highlight of the program with excellent questions and even better answers. The video below captures that Q & A along with a few highlights of Tom’s talk and a special thank you from President Deana Porterfield.

We hope you enjoyed this taste of our Leadership Breakfast with Tom Golisano. We host two Breakfast each year, one in October and one in March, featuring various topics and speakers from the community. Please check back soon for our announcement of the program for March 2017!

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