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October 30, 2013

Jenn Suhr ’04 Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame’s Induction

Suhr is thrilled to rank with area’s athletic greats

By Jerry Sullivan,



As a little girl, Jenn Suhr couldn’t have imagined being honored as one of the greatest athletes in Buffalo history. She was thrilled with the honor of having them sign their names on a piece of paper.

Suhr, who was Jenn Stuczynski at the time, grew up on Carroll Avenue in Fredonia, just down the street from Fredonia State. The Bills held their training camp at the college in those days. Jenn and her friends used to head over to practice to meet the players.

“It was a huge deal when they came to town,” Suhr said. “I remember seeing all their shiny cars driving by. We would get out our little autograph pens and ride our bikes down to try to get their autographs.

“I remember one time I was trying to get Jim Kelly’s autograph. I dropped my pen and one of the players stepped on my finger. It was bleeding and I had to run home and get it bandaged. My mom had to fix it.”

That little girl went right back for more, showing the resiliency that would lift her to prominence as the world’s top women’s pole vaulter and the gold medalist at the 2012 Olympics — and earn her induction tonight into the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame.

Suhr has a rare distinction among honorees: She is going into the Buffalo Hall while she is still active in her sport and — in her estimation — still getting better and not at her peak.

“I haven’t peaked yet,” Suhr said. “Not yet, at least.”

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