Campus Prayer

Prayer at Roberts

"Eternal Father of our souls, let our first thought today be of You, let our first impulse be to worship You, let our first speech be Your name, let our first action be to kneel before You in prayer."
― adapted from John Baillie's Diary of Private Prayer

We're often tempted to think life is all about how we're going to face the day.  We want to bring our intellect, our might, our resources to fix, to enlighten, and to serve God.  The temptation is to deny our dependency on Him, to stand on our own two feet.  But that's not faith.

True faith recognizes our utter dependence on God for all things.  And this finds expression most vividly, whether personally or communally, in prayer.  For that reason, everyone at Roberts/NES - students, faculty, staff - is encouraged and given opportunity to pray. 

All our prayer incentives on campus are intended to bring us, individually and communally, to acknowledge our faith in God and His goodness, our dependence on Him, and our need for His grace and movement in our lives in order for us to live together for his glory.