Winter 2013



With each New Year, many of us desire to reach higher by obtaining new personal goals. Whatever that aspiration is, it ignites new hope, new vision and, in the end, courage to raise the bar. Many times a new goal comes by way of reflection on the past — we look back to who we were and where we were, then we ask, “Where do we want to go?” With new goals come discipline, focus and endurance.

This is certainly true for athletes. They test their limits and demonstrate perseverance. Even the best athletes overcome difficulties to achieve their dreams. Their lives inspire and motivate others, like two-time Olympic medalist Jenn Suhr ’04 (Page 18), who exemplifies what it means to reach higher, and Charlie Canon (Page 28), who made endless strides against all odds. Whether it is international or right here at home, athletes have an impact that is beyond measure.

As we move forward into this new year, may each of us be inspired by the stories enclosed — to reach new heights, stretch beyond our boundaries and be called to a higher purpose.  


Kate Merz

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