Partnership Programs

Partnership Form (PDF)


A Cooperative Scholarship Program between Churches and Roberts Wesleyan College.

What does the program offer?

In harmony with its quality Christian tradition, Roberts Wesleyan College offers a Partnership Program for churches and their young people who enroll at Roberts. Roberts Wesleyan College will match 50% to 100% of scholarship assistance provided by the enrolling student's home church, up to a level of $1000. For students that are enrolled for just one semester, the maximum amount that will be matched is $500 . The level of the match will be determined by the Director of Financial Aid upon review of documented financial need and other resources awarded. Most matching awards are for the full 100%.

Who qualifies?

All traditional undergraduate students enrolled during the fall and/or spring semesters full-time at Roberts Wesleyan College (Organizational Management excluded) are eligible for the Partnership program.

How does it work?

The student must submit the attached application form for assistance to his or her home church. When the church has approved a scholarship amount, it should notify the College in writing. The College will then respond to the church and to the student with confirmation of the Partnership Program. Note: Indication of how much the church would like or is able to award the student must be received by June 30. Payment is due by check to Roberts Wesleyan College on August 24th for crediting to the student account.

Are there any exceptions?

Roberts Wesleyan College is obligated to review a student's total financial aid package. If receipt of this gift from the College jeopardizes the student's eligibility for other forms of aid, this matching gift will be adjusted. The student and church will informed of the College's action.

Can a relative give to the scholarship?

IRS regulations prohibit parents and immediate family members from contributing to the scholarship fund for the student. The purpose of this program is to encourage support of Roberts's students by their home churches, not parents or relatives.

Can the church contribute more then $750 ($1000 for 09/10)?

Yes, the church may contribute as much as it wishes toward a student's financial aid; however, the College will only match up to $1000 in one year.

Why does Roberts offer this program?

Since 1866, Roberts Wesleyan College has been providing a quality Christian liberal arts education. We believe that this is of particular interest to students that have solid backgrounds with their home churches. Therefore, we consider it appropriate to provide special scholarship assistance for such students who enroll at Roberts.