Faculty & Staff Spotlight

Ceramics Monthly

We are proud to announce that Professor Peter Pincus (Ceramics) is being featured on the cover of the December 2012 edition of Ceramics Monthly!

Professor Pincus currently has his work on view all over the country, but he will be having a show here at Roberts, along with Professors Giebel and Leo, that will be on display from January 17-February 15.

Oxford University Press

Dr. David Basinger (Dean, School of Professional Studies) is one of four authors of the 5th edition of "Reason and Religious Belief", which was recently published by Oxford University Press. The text is a companion piece to another text by the same four authors entitled "Philosophy of Religion: Selected Reading", which is in its 4th edition. These are currently the most widely used philosophy of religion texts in colleges and universities throught the country.

Journal of Psychology & Theology

Drs. Rodney Bassett and Jennifer Aube have recently had two manuscripts accepted for publication in the Journal of Psychology and Theology.  The first article, “Please Care About Me!” or “I Am Pleased to Care About You!” considers adaptive and maladaptive versions of unmitigated communion. The second article is a continuation of the first. The two articles are expected to be published in the upcoming summer edition of the journal.

ASCAP Plus Award

Dr. Russell Scarbrough, adjunct professor of Jazz Studies and conductor of the Roberts Jazz Ensemble, was recently chosen as the recipient of the Plus Award from the American Society of Composer, Authors and Publishers. This award is granted by an independent panel and is based upon the unique prestige value of each writer’s catalogue of original compositions as well as recent performances in areas that are not observed by the ASCAP.


We are also very proud to announce Dr. Landrum's latest CD release, entitled "Nocturnes", which came out this summer. You can find the pieces included on the project here.

Spring Sabbatical

Professor Tim Dwyer (Christian Scriptures) spent three months during this past spring semester at Yale Divinity School in New Haven, CT researching the Swiss reformer Heinrich Bullinger, who was almost as influential as John Calvin and to whom Calvin often looked to for guidance. During that time, while studying in the Renowned Jonathan Edwards Center, Professor Dwyer also began developing an interest in Jonathan Edwards and continued working on his ongoing project in the book of Galatians.

Professor Dwyer summarized the experience: "Sabbaticals are great things, and if I could I would give everyone in every line of work one regularly. I hope not ot wait fifteen years until my next one. I thank the RWC administration for making this possible."


semester Study abroad: spain

Spend a semester in Avila, Spain.  Students can earn up to 19 credits in Spanish Language and Spanish and Hispanic Culture.  Up to 15 credits can be applied to a Spanish major or minor.  Students will study with other international students at the Instituto Murallas and live in homestay accommodations (living with Spanish families).  The program incorporates total immersion at all levels of Spanish.  Professor Maria Villodre will determine a student's readiness before they apply to the program.

For the Semester Study Abroad Program in Spain - There is a $4000 scholarship for those who participate in this program.  Fees include Roberts' tuition, round-trip airfare to Madrid, RWC room and board, a $375 travel fee, transport from Madrid to Avila, an admission application deposit, and NYC trip expenses to secure a visa.  Personal expenses while in Avila are not covered.

Contact Professor Maria Villodre with further questions at VillodreM@roberts.edu.  Learn more about applying for the Semester Study Abroad Program in Spain.