Transfer Policy

For those students transferring into Roberts Wesleyan College from a 2-year, associates degree granting institution, a maximum number of 72 credits will be transferred into RWC.  For students transferring from a 4-year, baccalaureate degree granting institution, a maximum of 93, including physical education, credits will be transferred into RWC.

Students who have taken college credits while in high school need to request an official sealed transcript sent from the college at which the courses were taken.

In order for credits to be accepted the student must have received a passing grade of a C- or better from the previous institution.  Transfer credits will be assigned a grade of 'TR' and will not affect the student's grade point average.

Current students who opt to take a course(s) at another college should 1.) complete a "Pre-Approval to Transfer Credit" form before taking the course(s) (available on-line or in the Registratin Office) and 2.) after completion of course have an official transcript sent to the Registration Office of RWC.  Credits cannot be posted to the student's academic record unless an official, sealed transcript from the previous institution is received. Transcripts issued to students will not be accepted or considered official.

Transfer credits will be posted to the student's transcript after having been evaluated by the Registrar.  The transferred course will appear on the transcript as the comparable RWC course.  Non-comparable courses will be denoted by TRAN xxx. Permission must be obtained from the appropriate RWC Division to use a non-comparable transfer course in your major. Course descriptions of non-comparable courses from the previous institution should be brought to the Registration Office to be reviewed.

Students may review their transcripts at anytime by accessing IQweb via the intranet at  Please contact Information Technology Service, ITS, at (585) 594-6898 if there are any problems accessing the intranet.