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Oxford Summer Programme OSP)/Music and Art On Location Course: London
OSP Instructors/Daniel Barta, Ph.D. & Michael Landrum, D.M.A.

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City of DepartureDependent On Option
City of DepartureDependent On Option
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Students who want to participate in the study abroad opportunities in England have two options: a semester long course through the Oxford Summer Programme or Music and Art On Location: London which is a short course.


Oxford summer programme

The Oxford Summer Programme is offered through the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). The CCCU offers a variety of programmes and services in Oxford. Collectively, these efforts are coordinated by the centre for Scholarship & Christianity In Oxford (SCIO), the United Kingdom arm of the Council. SCIO provides teaching, service, and support for The Scholars' Semester in Oxford, the Oxford Summer Programme.


More Information  To learn more about attractions, fees and application deadlines for the Oxford Summer Programme, visit http://www.bestsemester.com/osp.

Music and art On location course: london

How much can a person do in London in 12 days?  When touring the city with an expert on London's topography and culture, quite a bit. London is one of the premiere arts and cultural capitals of the world, and Dr. Michael Landrum knows the city inside and out.  From the major cultural attractions to less sought after corners of the city, visitors will get a comprehensive view of London.  Students can earn up to two fine art credits during the trip, though registering for academic credit is not required.  Focusing on music, Dr. Landrum and Dr. Barta are prepared to show off London with its bustling city streets, great literary history, spectacular music, and extensive museums. 


Educational Highlights

Stops may include but are not limited to:  Westminster Abbey, Royal Albert Hall, St. Martin's in the Fields, Handel House, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, British Library, National Gallery, National Film Institute, Imperial War Museum, and Piccadilly Square.    



The cost for 12 days in London, which includes airfare and lodging, is approximately $2500.  This does not include tuition.


More Information  For more information on the On Location Course: London, contact Dr. Barta at barta_daniel@roberts.edu.