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Policies related to Offenses

First Offense:

The faculty member, with consultation if desired, shall make a judgment concerning the nature of the offense and appropriate disciplinary action to be taken. The Officer of Record will then make note of a "first offense," and the student will receive a letter-of-first-offense. The letter shall include disciplinary action taken, the right of appeal, and possible consequences should there be a second offense.

Repeated Offenses:

A second offense can result not only in "failure" related to the specific assignment, but also in course failure and possible suspension or dismissal. The Officer of Record and the Institutional Academic Integrity Committee shall initiate the appropriate investigation and shall determine disciplinary action consistent with the circumstances and nature of the offense.

A third offense and beyond will typically result in temporary "suspension with academic-integrity cause" or dismissal from the Institution.

In cases involving repeated offenses:

  • The permanent record and academic transcript shall indicate institutional disciplinary action.  Courses for which a student receives a failing grade due to violation of academic integrity standards shall be identified on the student's permanent transcript.
  • The student shall receive written notification of disciplinary action and be apprised of the right to appeal through the Institution's Academic Grievance Policy.
  • The faculty member and all relevant parties shall be apprised of resultant action.