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International Business

Program Overview

The International Business major emphasizes different aspects of culture - language, religion, political and economic systems, and social structure - and includes an international experience component. The major builds on a strong general education foundation with coursework in core business disciplines (management, accounting, marketing, finance, economics, and information systems). To better equip students for the global marketplace, additional courses, providing in-depth knowledge of the various global dimensions of business, are also included.

International Business students may tailor their program to suit their specific areas of interest. By choosing the location of their study abroad experience and electives within the program related to their interests, students can acquire the knowledge and skills to be successful within the international business career field, whether ultimately working abroad or in the United States.

Students must earn a grade point average of at least 2.50, both cumulative and in the International Business courses, to graduate.


Minimum Total Hours: 124

Total Liberal Arts Hours Required: 60

General Education Requirements: Per General Education list (see General Education Division). Exceptions: only one fine arts course is required (ART 101, MUS 104, OR FNA 102); must take PSY 260 for the behavioral science requirement; must take ECN 201 for the history, economics, or social sciences requirement; must take MTH 121 or MTH 185 to meet the mathematics proficiency requirement; must take the Business version of PHL 202.

Minimum Requirements: Overall and major GPA of 2.5; no grade less than C- in the major; minimum grade of C- in CMC 101, CMP 101, CMP 102, MTH 121/185, and MTH 200.

Transfer Requirements: See institutional transfer policies.

Application to Major: A special application packet is to be secured from the Undergraduate Business Department and submitted during the first semester of the sophomore year. (Note: The standard institutional major application is only part of the Undergraduate Business application packet.) A minimum grade of C- in CMC 101, CMP 101, CMP 102, MTH 121/185, and MTH 200 is required for acceptance to the major.  A minimum grade of C- in all business courses within the major is required for acceptance to the major.  A minimum overall and major GPA of 2.5 is required to be accepted and to remain in the major.  Falling below an overall or major GPA of 2.5 removes students from the major and precludes them from taking upper-level courses.

Major Requirements: 65 hours as follows:

  • Common Professional Core (44 hours):
    • ACC 201-Principles of Accounting I;
    • ACC 201L-Principles of Accounting I Lab;
    • ACC 202-Principles of Accounting II;
    • ACC 202L-Principles of Accounting II Lab;
    • BUA 101-Introduction to Business;
    • BUA 210-Business Law I;
    • BUA 321-Corporate Finance;
    • BUA 380-International Business;
    • CSC 130-Introduction to Management Information Systems;
    • ECN 202-Principles of Macroeconomics;
    • ECN 205-Personal Economics;
    • MGT 201-Principles of Management;
    • MGT 420-Strategic Management;
    • MKT 201-Principles of Marketing;
    • MTH 200-Statistics;
    • SOC 341-The Leadership Challenge;
  • International Business Requirements (21 hours):
    • ECN 333-Economic Development;
    • GEO 201-Cultural Geography;
    • INB 325-Business Internship Preparation;
    • INB 450-Internship Experience;
    • 3 hours of 300- or 400-level electives from ACC, MGT, or MKT courses;
    • 3-hour non-Western history or non-Western literature elective;
    • 0-12 hours of foreign language (or proof of proficiency at the second intermediate level);
    • 0-6 hours of electives from the following: CMC 206-Cross-Cultural Communication, SOC/THE 320-Religion & Society, or other non-Western history/literature;
    • one semester (or a full summer) study abroad experience*.

* The study abroad program must be pre-approved by the Undergraduate Business Department and the Office of Registration. Current recommendations are: CCCU-Best Semester in China, CCCU-Best Semester in Latin America, Lithuania Christian College, Messiah College's International Business Institute semester abroad, or RWC's Murcia or Avila (Spain) semester if the Spanish language requirement is met.