Portfolios & Scholarships

 Preparing a Portfolio

While preparing a portfolio is not a requirement for admission to RWC, it is, however, a Department of Visual Arts and scholarship requirement for all incoming art students. 

The Art faculty regards the Portfolio Review as a critical opportunity to get to know our incoming students. Our intent is that the faculty be informed as to the achievement level, experience, and aptitude for success of all our students. This evaluation begins our conversation with the student and provides the foundation for beginning our relationship-based teaching model. In conjunction with the Office of Financial Aid, the Division of Visual Arts reviews portfolios and recommends students for scholarship.


Portfolio/Scholarship Forms & Requirements

Click Here for Forms


Available Scholarships for 2014-2015 include:

One in the amount of  $6,000 / year      
Two in the amount of  $5,000 / year
Six in the amount of  $3,000 / year
Three in the amount of  $2,000 / year


Note: Scholarships are renewable annually.



Specific requirements for the portfolio can be obtained by calling the Department of Visual Arts at 585.594.6120 or by clicking the link above.