Stand Up Guys

Engaging Men to Prevent Gender Based Violence

The Mission of Stand Up Guys is to prevent gender based violence and to promote gender equality, safety and justice in our Community.

The concept of Stand Up Guys was formed in 2004 by Peter Navratil, Jack Brennick and Hank Shaw in Rochester, New York. Annie Lane joined Jack and Pete in 2006 and is a co-founder of the organization as it exists today. The mission of Stand Up Guys is to engage men in reaching out to other men to prevent all forms of gender based violence including sexual assault, domestic violence, harassment, discrimination, stalking, bullying and other forms of abuse; and to promote gender equality.  

Sexual assault, domestic violence, harassment, discrimination, stalking, bullying and other forms of abuse are crimes that have devastating consequences for victims including homicide, severe injury, and severe life-long trauma related physical and behavioral health disorders. Research has shown a strong correlation between the exposure to trauma and mental health/substance abuse disorders, including suicide. Recently, a correlation has been made to trauma related physical disorders, such as hypertension and diabetes. The prevention of violence against women is clearly a primary prevention strategy that could have far reaching consequences in reducing homicide rates, as well as having a positive impact on reducing trauma related behavioral health and physical health disorders.

The specific focus of the organization is to reach out and engage men in taking a more active role in encouraging and developing values, attitudes and beliefs in young men that support healthy, non-violent methods to resolve conflict and to directly address negative values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that perpetuate and exacerbate gender based violence. 

Program goals include:

  • Transforming the social definitions of masculinity that promote power & control to a more healthy definition of masculinity that supports partnerships, equality and non-violent relationships;
  • Provide information and skills training on healthy relationships, parenting skills and fatherhood;
  • Work to prevent dating and interpersonal violence and reinforce attitudes and beliefs among men and boys that domestic violence, physical, sexual and emotional abuse of women and girls are never acceptable expressions of masculinity;
  • Teach and support non-violent methods to resolve conflict; 
  • Provide young men and boys with positive male role models;
  • To raise awareness and engage other men in the mission of ending Violence Against Women wherever possible.

Stand Up Guys works to achieve these goals by developing educational, awareness and media messaging materials and by coordinating and delivering lectures, workshops, peer leadership and trainings related to raising awareness about violence against women and children and by implementing specific, evidence based, prevention education programs for children, youth and adults. These programs are designed specifically to be implemented within schools, colleges, workplaces, community based organizations, faith based-organizations and others.  Stand Up Guys also networks with other organizations in the Greater Rochester Community, across New York State, and with national and international groups that share a similar mission to prevent and eliminate gender based violence in all of its forms.  Stand Up Guys is committed to being part of an over all coordinated community response to end gender based violence in our community.


... Liberty, Justice, Safety and Equality for All!


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