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Accelerated 3-Year Program

The new accelerated program in Psychology allows students to complete the BA degree in just 3 years.   Students in the accelerated program have the same curriculum as those in the traditional 4 year BA program.   Completing the BA degree in 3 years provides substantial cost savings and allows qualified students to begin master's education a year early.

To be eligible for the accelerated program, students need to have at least 6 credits of Advanced Placement or college level credits prior to their enrollment.   In addition, students must be willing to take 17-18 course credits during the fall and spring semesters at Roberts Wesleyan.   Summer coursework between years 1 & 2, and years 2 & 3 is also required, but can be earned at Roberts or at home!

Students interested in this exciting option are encouraged to email: psychology@roberts.edu