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B.S. in Music Education k - 12

Successful completion of the Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education leads to New York State certification to teach vocal and instrumental music in kindergarten through grade 12.  New York state certification is highly reciprocal and many graduates obtain jobs in other states.  Music Education majors at Roberts are prepared to be excellent performers as well as excellent educators--there is no distinction between performer and teacher in the Music Department at Roberts. 

Students track either Vocal Music Education or Instrumental Music Education.  Within the Instrumental Music Education track is a specific track for String Education majors.  Piano, organ, and guitar majors may select either the vocal or instrumental track.  (Instrumental track requires proficiency on an orchestra or band instrument). 

Music Education majors complete Student Teaching in the Fall or Spring of the senior year.   All Music Education majors must perform a Senior Recital and may elect to perform a Junior Recital.

Required music courses include

  • Music Theory and Aural  Skills I, II, III, IV
  • Music History and Literature I, II, III
  • Orchestration
  • Basic Conducting
  • School Music Methods
  • Woodwind Methods I
  • Brass Methods I
  • Percussion Methods
  • String Methods
  • Applied Lessons
  • Applied Piano
  • Functional Piano
  • Applied Voice
  • Ensembles
  • Student Teaching
  • Music Education Capstone
  • Music Seminar

Vocal Track Music Education students also take

  • Guitar Class
  • Vocal Methods
  • Musical Stage Production
  • Choral Conducting 
  • Piano Pedagogy I

Instrumental Track Music Education students also take

  • Brass Methods II*
  • Woodwind Methods II*
  • Secondary Applied instrument (clarinet or trombone or strings)
  • Instrumental Conducting
  • Instrumental Methods
  • Jazz Theory and Improvisation

* String Education majors take String Pedagogy and String Field Experience in place of Brass II or Woodwinds II.

Recommended Course of Study (pdf)