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Criminal Justice Administration - Admissions & Application


  1. All applicants need a minimum of 60 transferable credits to begin this program – you cannot start with zero credits. To maximize transfer credit awards, all applicants are required to submit all: college transcripts, police academy training, in-service training and military transcripts before acceptance into the program.
      • A maximum of 87 credits may be transferred from regionally accredited four-year institutions, provided grades are a C- or better.
      • A maximum of 72 credits may be transferred from regionally accredited two-year institutions, provided grades are a C- or better.
      • Credit may be awarded for Prior Learning Assessment [credit for life and professional experiences] using: DSST or CLEP exams, documented life experiences, and life learning papers.
    • NOTE: College credit may be awarded for: Police Academy Training, In-service Training, Military Training and more.
      • Any coursework from institutions that are not regionally accredited and credit for life experience that is not ACE approved will not transfer.
      • Any coursework with a grade below C- will not transfer to Roberts.
  2. Successfully completed Freshman Composition (ENG 101 or equivalent) with a grade of C or better.
  3. Successfully completed the following Criminal Justice courses: CRJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice, CRJ 201 Judicial Systems, CRJ 203 Fundamentals of Law Enforcement, CRJ 206 Criminal Procedures, and CRJ 302 Criminology, or their equivalents with a grade of C or better.
  4. A minimum of two-years of meaningful and relevant professional work experience in: Public Law Enforcement / Criminal Justice, Private Security, military or other closely related human services fields, such as counselors or staff who have or are currently working with troubled youth, chemically dependent subjects, etc.




General Education Requirements

  1. No less than 124 semester hours.
  2. Declared major (Criminal Justice Administration – 37 credits).
  3. General Education: With the exception of Writing, grades need to be C- or above.
    • Selected Skills:
      1. Writing – 3 credits; Grade C or above is required. (Requirement for admission)
      2. Speech – 2 or 3 credits
    • Humanities (9 hours) from two different disciplines. Areas include communication, fine arts, history, literature, foreign language/linguistics, philosophy/theology, biblical literature and religion.
    • Social Sciences (9 hours) – 3 hours in General Psychology or Sociology and the remaining hours from at least two disciplines, including psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, geography, gerontology, and economics.
    • Natural Science/Mathematics (6 hours) from two disciplines. Areas include biology, physics, chemistry, earth science, computer science and mathematics. A course in one of the natural sciences and in mathematics are strongly recommended but not required.
  4. You need 60 liberal arts credits for graduation. You will earn 18 liberal arts credits in the program. The remainder of the Liberal Arts credits needed can either be transferred in or earned once in the program.

Application Checklist

Complete your application online or mail it to:

Roberts Wesleyan College
ATTN: Criminal Justice Administration
2301 Westside Dr.
Rochester, NY 14624 

For application questions contact our CJA Admissions Office at: 585.594-6024 

Click on links below for printable application pieces:

Application Checklist:

  1. Choose your desired start date.
  2. Submit the application form. All application materials are available online at
  3. Obtain official transcripts from every college or university attended. These must be mailed directly to the CJA Admissions Office at Roberts Wesleyan College. Unofficial transcripts can be used for initial credit evaluation.
  4. Submit your resume, demonstrating two years of professional experience, and (if applicable) include proof of: Police Academy training, in-service training, military training, or all other relevant training.
  5. Meet with Program Advisor to discuss transfer credit evaluation and academic plan. (Students must first complete steps 1-4 before meeting with advisor).
  6. Submit the Application Essay, written in accordance with our instructions. NOTE: Final admissions into CJA is at the discretion of the Program Director. Please contact our admissions office if you have any questions about the program requirements.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: We recommend that all application materials arrive at Roberts at least two weeks prior to your desired start date; however, we can expedite applications inside the two-week deadline in special situations.

QUESTIONS? Contact your Enrollment Coordinator:

585.594.6024 or