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Paul Stewart
Professor of Communication
location: - 67 Orchard Street
phone: (585) 594-6332


Ph.D. (Communication), University of Maryland, 2001

M.A. (Communication Theory), Wichita State University, 1989

B.S. (Speech Education), Greenville College, 1985


Specialty Areas

Rhetorical Criticism, American Public Discourse, Media Ecology, Communication Ethics

Research Areas

Public Discourse, Public Sphere,  Early American Petitioning, Jacques Ellul, Media Ecology

Sample RWC Courses

Mass Communication, Decision Making and Communication Ethics, Argumentation and Debate, History of American Public Address, Language, Linguistics, and Human Identity

Sample Publications and Presentations

  • "Early American Petitioning, Epistolary Theory, and the Importance of Form," competitive paper presented at the International Society for the History of Rhetoric Conference, Montreal, 2009.
  • "Ellul vs Augustine: Objectification, Dialogue, and the Ethics of Rhetoric," competitive paper presented at the Association of Core Texts and Colleges Conference, Memphis, 2009
  • Solomon, Martha & Paul B. Stewart.  "Beyond the Rainbow: Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition Speech," Great Speeches for Criticism and Analysis.  eds. Lloyd Rohler & Roger Cook.  1993