One Day of Giving

A Better Me. A Better Roberts

Despite 80 mile an hour winds and a loss of power, we were able to reach and surpass our goal, raising over $150,000 for student scholarships! Thank you to everyone who gave and shared the spirit of R DAY! Please take a moment to check out this video of gratitude.

It's not too late to make a difference



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Dana Ingalsbe | 1995

I am very grateful to the Lord for my time at Roberts Wesleyan College. Those years were a period of profound growth and blessing in my life. Not only did I receive an excellent academic experience while on campus, but I was prepared to enjoy a rich life because of the liberal arts focus, the emphasis on servant leadership, and the Christ-centered environment. It is my desire that students today have the same opportunities that I did, and giving back to the College through the Roberts Circle is a way to make that happen.


Christie Adams | 2016

“I knew college was going to be expensive, but it wasn’t until I started my college search that I realized just how overwhelmingly pricey it was—to the point that it was going to be impossible for me and my dad to afford a college education. I lived in a single-parent home and my dad’s illness prevented him from working. I was devastated and discouraged.

But then something truly remarkable happened: I received a scholarship to Roberts that was made possible by the generosity and selflessness of alumni and friends of the college. I was able to attend Roberts and achieve my life-long dream of getting a college education.

I am forever grateful to the many people who give to the Roberts Fund. I can attest to its value. Without scholarships, I would never have been able to attend, experience such rich spiritual growth, and become the young woman God planned for me to be.”


Jim Fenton | 2008

Roberts Wesleyan College is a very special place to our family.  My experience at Roberts as a student was life-changing in that I learned powerful tools that I use each day. I now teach part-time at Roberts and try to help students learn and apply those skills in service to others.  Also, my wife and children have had transformational experiences as students at Roberts learning how to apply knowledge and serve others while growing in Christ. We give to Roberts because we want to see other people benefit from and enjoy what we have experienced.


Katie Radel Murphy | 2005

When I look back on my time spent as a student at Roberts, I have nothing but great memories. I am thankful for the education I received, the professors who helped shape the educator I would become, and the lifelong friendships that were formed. As a student, I personally remember calling alumni during the scholarship pledge drive and loved hearing how much Roberts meant to them. Some mentioned it was where they found their spouses, some talked about their athletic successes, while others mentioned how Roberts helped them grow in their faith. There was a common thread in all these conversations; the comment “I am thankful for the education I received at Roberts and want to financially help future students receive the quality education I got while at Roberts.” I learned that every little bit helps, even if its $5 a month, that $5 can have great impact in a student’s life. I knew that as an alumna, I would want to give back as well.


Maria Hogan | 2015

I had countless opportunities within the social work program at Roberts Wesleyan College, all of which were made possible by scholarships. Whether through studying abroad and learning about diversity in an international setting, working with a professor to conduct research about positive youth development, or taking intriguing classes that taught valuable social work skills, I learned how to interact with and help those who have been broken by traumatic events and life's challenges. I learned that Christian values are the epitome of social work values through Jesus's life of helping the outcasts and offering hope to the downtrodden. Scholarships made my experience at Roberts a possibility, in turn giving me the confidence to go into the world to help those who are hurting and hopeless, just as Jesus did.


Vlade Kordovich | 2010

In March of 2010, right before I was due to complete my program, I was downsized from I.T.T. Space Systems Division. I was going to be just short of completing the O.M. program requirements with no job, no company tuition aid and no income. When I announced that I had lost my job and company tuition aid, Penny Cannon and Mary Kay Scribner were able to help me complete the final required elective by offering to pay for the tuition through the Roberts Scholarship program. Without their support and generosity, I would have had to put my O.M. endeavor on hold. This truly shows the caring and devotion of the faculty and staff at Roberts to do whatever it takes to make sure the students are successful. I cannot say enough about the O.M. program and faculty.


Dave Beinetti

“The Roberts Circle gives our company a special way to support the Roberts mission and advance the goal of serving students at this great College.  Through our corporate giving program we give annually and in return have the privilege of being included in the life of the school through special events with the President, Trustees and other Circle members.  We are always made to feel special and part of the college family by our participation.  I would hope that corporations all around Rochester would see the benefit of supporting in this way as the graduates from Roberts are our future leaders.” - Dave Beinetti, Chairman of the Board, SWBR Architects & Engineers


Eddie Wilson

Having studied next to and befriended many seminary students during my time as a full time professional and a full time seminary student, I saw first hand how expensive seminary is, how taxing it all can be on families and drove me to contemplate my financial responsibility as it relates to helping those men and women who are ultimately called to serve me, my family and the church at large as a full time minister.  The question that I could not get over was, “If all of this is expensive and the called person takes on debt just to come back to the church, isn’t that on the church and its members to help alleviate the burden of that education and training?”  Many seminarians in other denominations pay nothing or very little for their ministry training.  But there are some denominations that leave it to the competitive college landscape to provide educated ministers...and college is expensive.  Add to that, many seminarians are married with families!  To that end, I believe we have a moral and spiritual responsibility to do whatever we can to financially support seminary students.


Justin Niebel

Being a part of Roberts Wesleyan College as an undergraduate was life changing. As I view RWC as a “diamond in the rough,” when it comes to higher education institutions. I was fortunate to have the full college experience including academics, athletics, student government, fca, and enactus. Every interaction with the college includes surrounding yourself with good people and a community that wants to see you succeed and hear your story. You are given the ability to grow and flourish not only as a person, but also in your spiritually journey. My family has been blessed to be and continues to be involved in the college and most recently in giving back as a Roberts Circle member. This institution continues to excite me daily and is an incubator in developing our future transformational leaders.