Sonnette Bascoe, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychology


Research Experience
2005-2012 University of Rochester, NY
• Principal investigator for research entailing the study of marital conflict, the role of sibling relationships, and child adjustment
• Funded by the National Institute of Mental Health for $89,564
• Participated in the development of a number of research studies involving family relationship processes and child internalizing and externalizing symptomatology, peer relationships, and school adjustment

Quantitative Applications
June 2011- Curran-Bauer Analytics on Multilevel Linear Models, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
May 2010- APA Advanced Training Institute on Structural Equation Modeling
in Longitudinal Research, University of Virginia

Professional Memberships
2017 – Present New York Association of School Psychologists, Member
2014 – Present National Association of School Psychologists, Member

Professional Honors and Awards
2014- MS Psychology Department Academic Scholarship, Roberts Wesleyan College
2013- Outstanding Dissertation Award for the Social Sciences, University of Rochester
2011- Alfred Baldwin Award for Excellence in Research, University of Rochester
2009 - 2012 Predoctoral Fellowship, National Research Service Award, Grant # 1 F31 HD061348-01, Marital Conflict, the
Role of Sibling Relationships, and Child Adjustment, National Institute of Mental Health. Funded: $89,564
2009- Emory L. Cowen Award for First Author Outstanding Publication, University of Rochester
2002- Phi Beta Kappa
2001- Psi Chi National Honors Society of Psychology, President
2001- Ronald E. McNair Scholar

Theses and Published Manuscripts
Bascoe, S. M. (2012). Doctoral Thesis. Beyond phenotypical forms of family behaviors: The developmental utility of a boundary
conceptualization of triadic relationship processes.

Bascoe, S.M., Davies, P.T., & Cummings, E.M. (2012). Beyond sibling warmth and conflict: The developmental utility of a boundary conceptualization of sibling relationship processes. Child Development, 83, 2121-2138.

Bascoe, S. M., Davies, P.T., Sturge-Apple, M.L., & Cummings, E. M. (2009). Master Thesis. Children’s representations of family
relationships, peer information processing, and school adjustment. Developmental Psychology, 45, 1740-1751.

Davies, P.T., Sturge-Apple, M.L., Bascoe, S.M., & Cummings, E.M. (2014). The legacy of early insecurity histories in shaping
adolescent adaptation to interparental conflict. Child Development, 85, 338-354.

Martin, M.J., Bascoe, S.M., & Davies, P.T. (2011). Family Relations. In B. B. Brown and M. Printstein (Eds.). Encyclopedia of
Adolescence, Vol. 2 (pp. 84-94). Maryland Heights, MO: Elsevier.