Michael Lastoria, Ed.D LMFT

Associate Professor of Psychology


Dr. Lastoria has been employed at Christian institutions of higher education for the past 43 years. During that time, he has worked alongside and interacted with over 4000 students.  During these various in- and outside the classroom exchanges, the topics of faith and spirituality have not been uncommon.  

Specifically, inside the classroom, he has designed curriculum to integrate faith with the content matter. The Counseling and Psychotherapy Theory class that he has taught uses Doherty’s (1990) “Soul Searching” model that challenges young would-be clinicians to incorporate traditional virtues (truth, justice, commitment, community, caring, courage, and prudence) and moral responsibility into their practice. In the Introduction to Family Systems class, students spend a week considering Hargrave’s (1994) model for “forgiveness and families”; what he perceives to be the theoretical junction of psychology and theology.

Dr. Lastoria is a native of Northeastern Ohio, and an avid Cleveland sports fan…Cavs, Indians, and most of all the Browns (feel his pain). But the revival is coming. Avid golfer. He spent 35 years as a faculty member at Houghton College. He co-authored a book in 2018 (Listening to Sexual Minorities, IVP Academic). Dr. Lastoria has been married 47 years. He and his wife Cindy have two adult children.