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Linda Marshall

Project Manager - Surgical Equipment External Manufacturing at Bausch Health.

Linda is a business impact leader with more than 10 years of success with significant productivity improvement in strategy, finance, manufacturing and services. She has held various corporate roles including VP of Special Projects, Senior Program Manager, Director of Business Development, Strategy Director, Chief System Engineer and Assistant Controller. She has a passion for teaching and helping students, particularly in statistics and finance. As VP of Outreach for the Project Management Institute (PMI), she and her team founded ROC the Project. This intercollegiate project management competition benefits a local charity where the winning team executes the project plan as volunteers.

Linda was the project manager for the United Way Asian Pacific American Leadership Development (APALDP)  program, president of the Asia Pacific Network and president-elect for the Asian Pacific Exchange (APEX) She and her husband (Rev. Gary Marshall, an RWC alum) sponsored 88 Cambodian and Vietnamese refugees. She organized material drives for refugees at local corporations for Saint’s Place. She was the leader for the DeToqueville and Pacesetter campaigns and served 3 years on the company board of directors for the United Way.

Linda can be reached at   She lives in Rochester and hopes to continue helping refugees when she retires.