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Linda Quinlan, Ed.D.

Associate Professor of English; Chair, Department of Language and Literature



Ed.D. (Teaching and Curriculum), University of Rochester

M.A. (English Literature), University of Toronto

B.A., University of Rochester


At Roberts since 1993

Specialty areas:

18th and 19th century British literature; composition theory; genre - the novel; children's and adolescent literature; gender studies

Current Research interests:

18th and 18th century British novel; narrative studies; women writers; storied experiences of religious college students

Courses Taught

CMP 103 Honors Principles of Writing

LIT 101 Introduction to Literature

LIT 201 English Literature I

LIT 202 English Literature II

LIT 309 Novel

LIT 312 Major Author: Jane Austen

LIT 314 Children's Literature

LIT 315 Adolescent Literature

HUM 205 Introduction to Women's Studies