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Douglas Milne, M.Div.

Adjunct for Religion



Lead Pastor, Grace Church of the Nazarene

I have always had a passion for Christian ministry and Christian education. As a product of Christian higher education, I believe I have a responsibility to invest in my students just as my professors invested in me in my educational journey. Teaching at Roberts has been a joy and a blessing. I appreciate the time I have working with students as we learn more about Scripture and service. In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I pastor full-time. I am an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene and I also serve on my denominational district’s Board of Ministry and I am a ministerial delegate on the Board of Trustees at Eastern Nazarene College. I am married, I have cats, and I collect and build Legos. I am an enthusiastic baseball, football, and hockey fan and I also collect sports cards and memorabilia.

Specialty Areas:

Youth ministry, Christian education, ministerial leadership

Sample publications/presentations:

Book Review, Benjamin T. Conner, Disabling Mission, Enabling Witness: Exploring Missiology Through the Lens of Disability Studies (Grand Rapids: IVP Academic, 2018) in Reviews in Religion & Theology (January 2020).

Book Review, Bryan Chapell, Christ-Centered Sermons: Models of Redemptive Preaching (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2013) in Wesleyan Theological Journal 52, no.2 (2017).

“Functional Holiness.” In Renovating Holiness, edited by Josh Broward and Thomas Jay Oord, 367–70. Nampa, ID: SacraSage, 2015.

Book Review, Stephen W. Rankin, Aiming at Maturity: The Goal of the Christian Life (Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2011) in Wesleyan Theological Journal 48, no.2 (2013).

The History of Bethel Church of the Nazarene: A History of People, Pastors, Vision, and 50 Years of Incarnational Ministry, 50th Anniversary Book, Bethel Church of the Nazarene, Quincy, MA; self-published, June 1997.

Bringing Jesus to the World: A Contemporary Analysis of John Wesley’s “The World as My Parish”, Conference Paper with Matthew Davis, Interdisciplinary Theology Conference, Northeastern Seminary (October 2017)

The Wesleys and Music, Class Lecture, Graduate Course: The World and Writings of John Wesley, McMaster Divinity College (March 2017)

A Wesleyan Understanding of Human Participation in the Divine Missio: Functioning in the Mission of God, Conference Paper, Interdisciplinary Theology Conference, Northeastern Seminary (March 2016)