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Dieuveut Gaity, PhD, MSW

Assistant Professor of Social Work


Dr. Gaïty was born and raised in Haiti. He is a former consultant at the United Nations/UNDP and the International Organization for Migration (IOM). He oversaw and coordinated multiple psychosocial and community development projects, ranging from restorative justice and rehabilitation, community/youth engagement, to community mental health and psychosocial support programs. He was an active member of the Global Interest Group in Buffalo, NY, from 2014 to 2018. His research interests are macro social work practice and social innovation, community and organization intervention, children and youth development, homelessness, and street children in poverty-related contexts. Dr. Gaïty loves traveling, international cuisine, and tropical beaches. Below is a brief record of his presentations and publications:

  • Gaïty, D. (2021, November 4-7). Political exclusion in the digital era: Values, identities, and narratives [Paper presentation]. CSWE 67th Annual Program meeting.
  • Gaïty, D. (2021, January 19-22). Re-Conceptualization of hope: Street children's lived experiences and narratives [Poster presentation]. 25th Annual Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR).
  • Gaïty, D. (2017, June 7-9). A child welfare auction: Addressing the restavèk phenomenon in Haiti [Paper presentation]. 4th Annual Global Well-Being Conference, Millersville, PA.
  • Gaïty, D. (2016, June). Case studies of street children in Haiti: The intersection between children's innocence and social policy gaps [Paper presentation]. Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development, Seoul, Korea.
  • Gaïty, D. (2016, June). Magical performance of poverty: Socioeconomic and survival practices of street children [Paper presentation]. 3rd Annual Global Well-Being Conference, Millersville, PA.
  • Boucher, M., Esara, P., Gaïty, D., & Lee, H. (2012, June). Seeing the other as equal: The implications of the “refugee” label on building relationships [Paper presentation]. North American Healthcare Conference, Rochester, NY.
  • Gaïty, D. (2011, October). The forgotten ones: Living conditions and social functioning of street children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti [Poster presentation]. North American Association of Christians in Social Work Convention, Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Schininà, G., Aboul Hosn, M., Ataya, A., Gaïty, D., & Salem, M-A. (2010). Psychosocial response to the Haiti earthquake: The experiences of International Organization for Migration. Intervention: International Journal of Mental Health, Psychosocial Work & Counselling in Areas of Armed Conflict, 8(2):158-164. doi:10.1097/WTF.0b013e32833c2f78.