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Andrew Koehl, Ph.D.

Professor of Philosophy



  • Ph.D. (Philosophy), Notre Dame University, 1999
  • M.A. (Philosophy), Notre Dame University, 1994
  • B.A. University of Texas, Austin, 1990


At Roberts since 1999

Specialty Areas:

Epistemology; Ethics; History of Philosophy; Philosophy of Religion

Current Research Interests:

"Implicitly grounded beliefs" as cases of knowledge; religious diversity

Professional Affiliations:

  • American Association of Philosophy Teachers
  • American Philosophical Association
  • Society of Christian Philosophers

Sample Publications/Presentations:

  • Earnest: Interdisciplinary Work Inspired by the Life and Teachings of B. T. Roberts, Editor, Pickwick Publications (August 2017).

  • “Implicitly Grounded Beliefs”, Journal of Cognition and Neuruoethics 2:1 (Spring 2014)

  • “Inexplicit Reasoning and Positive Epistemic Status”, presented at the Reason, Reasons, and Reasoning Conference, Center for Cognition and Neuroethics, University of Michigan-Flint, October 2013

  • “Aristotelian Flourishing and Virtue as Benchmarks for Rehabilitation”, presented at the Rethinking Prisons Conference, Vanderbilt University, May 2013

  • “Omnisubjectivity and Evildoers”, presented at the Society Of Christian Philosophers Midwest Regional Conference, April 2013

  • “Fantasy Football and the Development of Aristotelian Virtue and Flourishing”, presented at The Rockford College Sports Studies Symposium, April 2013

  • “Hell as a Defeater for Theistic Belief”, presented at the Conference of the South Carolina Society for Philosophy, March 2013

  • “George MacDonald and the Dwarves”, presented at Looking Along the Beam: Philosophical and Theological Themes in the Inklings, Houston Baptist University, March 2013

  • “The Atheists' New Clothes”, presented for the Cultural Life Lecture Series, Roberts Wesleyan College, May 2011