Department of Criminal Justice

At Roberts Wesleyan College you will find a unique blend of practical knowledge and theory from criminal justice educators who are also former practitioners and committed Christians. Graduates pursue careers in criminal justice and economic crime investigation “white collar crimes," as well as graduate study, in these large and growing fields.

  • Criminal Justice majors receive a Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis in either Juvenile Justice, Comparative Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Law, Correctional Counseling, or White Collar Crime.
  • Economic Crime Investigation is an interdisciplinary major that blends courses from Criminal justice, Accounting, and Computer Science. Economic Crime Investigation majors receive a Bachelor of Science degree with an accounting and computer science focus of study.

Our programs are taught from a Restorative Justice perspective, which sees crime as a violation of people and relationships. Crime creates obligations. The needs of the victim, the offender, AND the community need to be addressed. Restorative justice considers matters of accountability and reconciliation.

Expert faculty foster personal and interactive learning environment

Our faculty prepare students to live and serve responsibly in society by promoting intellectual growth and the integration of Christian Faith. We strive to provide coursework to students that will inspire creativity and rich experiences. Students see theory and practice come to life through meaningful internships, strong relationships within the community and with key alumni, guest speakers, our criminal justice club, and community activities in support of Restorative Justice.


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