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Division of Religion and Humanities

Casey W. Davis, Chair

The Division of Religion and Humanities houses rigorous academic studies in the areas of biblical languages, biblical studies, communication, composition, geography, history, literature, ministry, modern foreign languages, philosophy, political science, religion, theology, and women's studies. In each discipline, students are taught by faculty who are respected scholars in their fields. The Division’s goal, though, is not simply to train students in a specific content area, but also to “liberally educate” students – to enable them to understand better who they are, to appreciate the diversity of thought and behavior to which all of us are increasingly exposed, and to come to realize that all knowledge is inter-related.

The Division encourages its students to obtain cross-cultural experiences and offers three study abroad programs designed specifically for our majors:  Instituto Espanol Murallas de Avila in Spain as well as our program through the University of Murcia in Spain are recommended options for Spanish majors, minors, and concentrations.  The study abroad semester at Jamaica Theological Seminary in Kingston, Jamaica is open to all students in the Division and is especially appropriate for Biblical Studies, Contemporary Ministries, and Religion-Philosophy majors.

The Division offers majors in the following:
A. Adolescence Education English, B.S.
B. Adolescence Education Social Studies, B.S.
C. Adolescence Education Spanish, B.S.
D. Biblical Studies, B.A.
E. Communication, B.A.
F. Comprehensive Social Studies, B.A.
G. Contemporary Ministries, B.A.
H. English, B.A.
I. History, B.A.
J. Humanities, B.A.
K. Philosophy-Religion, B.A.
L. Spanish, B.A.

The Division offers minors in the following:
A. Biblical Languages
B. Biblical Studies
C. Communication
D. English
E. History
F. Ministry
G. Philosophy
H. Spanish
I. Theology
J. Women’s Studies

Double Majors within the Division

Communication Department

Any concentration in the Communication major may become a second major as long as there are 12 unique credits in each of the majors.

History Department

Comprehensive Social Studies and History are not allowed as a double major.  Comprehensive Social Studies and Adolescence Education Social Studies are not allowed as a double major.  Students may double major in Adolescence Education Social Studies and History.


A double major with Humanities will be permitted as long as the 21-hour concentration for the Humanities major is not in the same discipline as the other major.

Language & Literature Department

A double major in English and Adolescence Education English is allowed as is a double major in Spanish and Adolescence Education Spanish.

Religion-Philosophy Department

Students may not earn double majors in any of the majors housed in the department (Biblical Studies, Contemporary Ministry, and Philosophy-Religion).

To speak with a representative in the Division of Religion and Humanities, call 585.594.6370.