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Division of Business

Steven L. Bovee, Chair

The Division of Business offers undergraduate degrees in Accounting and Information Management, Business Administration, International Business, Management and Social Entrepreneurship, and Marketing, as well as a Master of Science in Strategic Leadership degree and a Master of Science in Strategic Marketing degree for both experienced professionals and recent graduates. 


Roberts Wesleyan College has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), located in Olathe, Kansas. The business programs in the following degrees are accredited by the IACBE:

  • Master of Science degree in Strategic Leadership
  • Master of Science degree in Strategic Marketing
  • Bachelor of Science degrees
    • Accounting and Information Management
    • Business Administration
    • International Business
    • Management and Social Entrepreneurship
    • Marketing

To speak with an undergraduate representative in the Division of Business, call 585.594.6571; for a graduate representative, call 585.594.6024.

Undergraduate Business Program
Dr. Steve Bovee, Director


To develop men and women who will model Christ-like character and equip them to transform society through sacrificial service and effective leadership.


Through a Christ-centered management education, Roberts Wesleyan College’s Undergraduate Business Program develops servant-leaders with integrity who are equipped to meet the challenges of a constantly changing world. Our graduates are committed to excellence and dedicated to adding value to their organizations, communities, and families.

Holding to the belief that Christian faith provides a stable perspective that enables each person to cope with a changing world, the Business faculty is committed to assist each student’s intellectual, social, ethical, spiritual, and professional development. The Department’s objectives include developing each student’s communication and decision-making skills, so that he or she will be prepared to adapt to the business environment of the future.

The Undergraduate Business Program is built around four foundational character themes: Hope & Courage (freshman year), Integrity (sophomore year), Personal Excellence (junior year), and Servant Leadership (senior year).  Students have opportunities inside the classroom and through hands-on learning outside the classroom (e.g. internships and projects) to build these character traits, enhancing the knowledge and skills developed in the business program.

Students of the Undergraduate Business Program can earn a Bachelor of Science degree in the following majors:

A. Accounting and Information Management
B. Business Administration
C. International Business
D. Management and Social Entrepreneurship
E. Marketing

Department Common Professional Core

In addition to the College's General Education Program requirements and specific courses for each business program major, all Undergraduate Business students take a common core of courses to help ensure graduates leave with a well-rounded business education.  See the individual major requirements for the list of core courses.  15 hours from the core count toward the 60-hour liberal arts requirement.

Internship Experience

An absolute must for a quality business program, students are required to complete an internship experience during their senior year. Students realize the opportunity to engage in real-life learning, working in local businesses, non-profit organizations, and multi-national companies. The internship is designed to provide each student with an opportunity to observe accounting, business administration, international business, management, or marketing in operation and to practice the skills they have acquired in the program. Working together with the student, the faculty and staff make every effort to have the student complete the internship within an environment of the student's interests and passions.

Double Majors within the Division

The Business Administration major serves as the foundation for each of the other majors within the Division, therefore the Division does not allow double majors between Business Administration and any other Division major.  However, students are allowed to double major in any combination of the other four business majors (Accounting and Information Management, Marketing, International Business, and Management and Social Entrepreneurship).  In the case of a double major, the student would be required to complete the Internship Preparation course (ACC/MKT/MGT/INB 325) and the Internship Experience (ACC/MKT/MGT/INB 450) only once.  The faculty would seek to find internship opportunities that would leverage learning and applications from both majors to the extent possible.

M.S. in Strategic Leadership
M.S. in Strategic Marketing