The Reference Department offers a variety of workshops to assist students & faculty effectively use our database array.  If you would like a workshop as part of your course instruction, please contact the library

Objectives and Policies

    • Provide a quick introduction to a library resource.
    • Assist with reviewing the use of a resource.
    • Provide hands-on learning time.
    • No Credit will be given by the library.  Extra credit may be assigned by an instructor if desired.
    • Will not replace in-depth teaching of computer skills in the Computer classes.
    • Will not replace in depth orientation of Research methods and  individual databases.


    • Anyone may attend.
    • All classes are drop in only.  However, you may wish to let us know in advance that you are coming, especially if you have some questions you would like answered during the session.  If several of you want a class and can meet, contact Linda Jones.
    • If you would like an individual instruction session, please let us know.

    List of Available Workshops

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