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Winter 2013

The Internship Experience

An Intern’s Perspective
By Stephen Carter

Intern's Perspective

Heading into this internship, I had just come from the most creative few months of my life (minus the years I spent playing LEGO’s as a little kid). I was the Director of Media for SIFE Enactus, was hired by the college to make videos for the President’s Banquet, made videos for the hosts of LIVE, was brought in to take pictures (using an iPhone) for The Father’s House and began maximizing my outreach through social media.

Heading into this year, I always saw myself doing some sort of sales or project management at a large technology company, but never did I see myself doing creative work like this. Personally, I didn’t consider myself a very creative person. However, throughout all of these endeavors during the school year, I was, in a way, forced to be creative. It changed the way I thought as well as helped shape my future goals. Now instead of seeing myself working at a giant technology company like Apple or Xerox, I see myself at some sort of startup or possibly even a smaller creative agency. This internship fit the latter one perfectly. Chempetitive Group employs around 35 people and has a very creative culture. The experience of working in a small business now has me interested in being in a company where you don’t have to go through layers of bureaucracy to get things done. Chempetitive Group definitely had a more collaborative feel to it, and that is something I began to love after working on videos for a whole semester and needing to work with people to be able to get things accomplished.

This experience has helped sharpen my career goals even more. I now know that I would like to live in or near a city where you are more likely to find smaller technology startups or small agencies such as Chempetitive Group. I have the biggest desire to now work in a company that has a creative and modern feel with some sort of technology aspect to go with it. In the end, the experience I had at Chempetitive Group was second to none. I couldn’t have asked for a better placement where I was both challenged to become better and pushed to adapt.


Internships are Experiential Learning!
By Kathleen D. Raniewicz

Experiential learning takes several forms in the Undergraduate Business Program at Roberts Wesleyan College. The required internship that every business major completes is experiential learning. Roberts students take away knowledge, develop their skills, and grow personally as a result of their internship. My role as experiential learning coordinator is to assist students in finding and securing their internship, and to provide support along the way to both the employer and student. Personally, I view internships as one of the most important experiences of a students’ undergraduate career.

Experiential Learning

Take a look at the Wordle below. The words included represent what a Roberts business internship is all about. I am certain there are many more descriptors we could include. What would you add to the Wordle? When Roberts students complete their internship, they are expected to do so with integrity and professionalism; to perform with excellence; to utilize their academic knowledge; and to apply and develop their 21st century skills. Students earn academic credit while providing value added work for partnering employers. This is a win-win for all involved!

Ultimately, delivering sound preparation for the transition from student to working professional is the reason experiential learning is a key component of the Roberts business student’s experience. Whether a student is completing an internship or working on a Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE Enactus) project, the real world experience and valuable personal development that results from engaging in these experiential learning opportunities remain with students forever. It becomes a part of their work history, practical knowledge, and personal growth. The student benefits, the employer partner benefits, and Roberts Wesleyan College has aptly served its students and the community.


Internship Insights

“I expected an internship to be a lot of grunt work and running errands, doing the tasks that no one else wanted, but I was not treated as such. I was considered an employee who was held to the same standards as everyone else and given the same type of work as everyone else.” Emily Bronson, intern at Adecco

“From the interview experience, I learned that a boss does not appreciate a person who simply says what they want to hear. While this may sound great at the time, it will only lead to trouble once the job actually starts.” Brent Rathke, intern at Surplus Switching

“From direct class material to practical skills used every day in the classroom and group work settings, my education helped prepare me to put my knowledge into action. I had a taste of real life activity in the work place relevant to my major and future career.” Bethany Salvia, intern at Unity Health System

“It became evident to me that the work place is like an intertwined web. Every person in each company involved in a transaction needs to fulfill their role in order for the whole system to work and run smoothly.” Bethany Salvia, intern at Unity Health System

“I discovered the need for organization as well as the need to work hard in order to achieve my goals. The business information that I learned in the classroom equipped me to add value to the company. It was wonderful to be able to apply different concepts that I have learned to real life experience.” Melody Smith, Friends of Highland, Highland Hospital

“My internship has allowed me to take what I have been studying in class and put it into practice.” Rachel Williams Boswell, intern at Owl Wire and Cable Company

“The internship prep class really helped prepare me for the interview process. The mock interview allowed me to get more comfortable with some questions that may be asked and what type of answer that employers are looking for.” Caleb Winne, intern at Caritas Consulting

“The work I was performing was not taught to me in class; however, my classes did teach me how to learn quickly. I was able to pick up the skills and information that I needed and gained confidence each week.” Caleb Winne, intern at Caritas Consulting


Internship Employer Partners
September 2011- August 2012

Internship Employer Partners

A special thank you to the following employer partners:

Adecco Group, Caritas Consulting, Chempetitive Group, Consulting and Auditing Solutions, Friends of Highland at Highland Hospital, Global Crossing, Northridge Church, Olivine Labs, Owl Wire & Cable, Inc., Roberts Wesleyan College, Stephen Friga, CFP, Surplus Switching, Total Sports Experience, Unity Health System, Walgreens, Water Street Music Hall, Wells Fargo, Young Entrepreneurs Academy.

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